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Get a Grip: A Basic Guide on How to Properly Hold Chopsticks

how to properly hold chopsticks

Have you been practicing your chopsticks skills but still can’t seem to get your hold right? Well, whether you hate it or love it, chopsticks are here to stay. Still, don’t let your frustration stop you from getting that practice in! Grab your chopsticks, clean your hands, and be ready to take down notes because, […]

Chinese Versus Japanese Chopsticks: What’s the Difference?

For most people, the idea of there being a need to read an article entitled, “Chinese versus Japanese chopsticks” is outrageous. The common man might say that a pair of chopsticks is identical to any other pair of chopsticks and can basically be swapped with any other kind of chopsticks. However, just like how each […]

Your Basic Guide on How to Use Chopsticks for Beginners!

Mastery will take time and for some, this challenge might seem daunting but worry not! Here’s our basic step-by-step guide on how to use chopsticks! With the world opening up to the wonders of Asian cuisine, the idea of being able to experience an authentic Asian dining experience has become more and more appealing. However, […]